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My 81 year old brother and his 80 year old wife are being ripped off by a company out of Tulsa by the name of Community Builders, Inc.! This company is holding $5,350 of their money and refusing to give it back, even though they are in the wrong because they misrepresented themselves as an OKC Metro company called Four Seasons Sunrooms.

Last month my brother Googled “Four Seasons Sunrooms” to get their phone number because they want to add a sunroom to the new home they bought in Yukon, OK in May. They wanted to do business with Four Seasons Sunrooms because our older brother had a room built by them several years ago, as did my brother’s wife’s sister and her husband and they know what a good reputation Four Seasons Sunrooms has. If you Google “Four Seasons Sunrooms” the number for Community Builders, Inc. is the first number to come up, when my brother called them they led him to believe they build “Four Seasons Sunrooms”.

When they came to my brother’s home they continued this deception, got my brother to sign a contract and pay them a $5350 down payment. Not until a second visit to my brother’s home to take measurements for the room did the company’s representative finally say “we are not Four Seasons Sunrooms”. Because they had said we build “Four Seasons Sunrooms” my brother believed they were contractors for the company Four Seasons Sunrooms and now he finds out they are not. This is when he involved me; I am 14 years younger than my brother, I have lived in the OKC metro for the majority of my life and I worked in customer service for a major telecommunications company for 14 years.

My brother and sister-in-law moved back to this area in May to be near family, after living in the Tulsa area for over forty years. They both have health issues, including heart problems and my brother has prostate cancer. I called Community Builders Inc. on September 18, after having located the owners name, and asked to speak with the owner, I was told he was not in but I should be able to reach him at 8 the next morning.

I sent a message to the owner through their Facebook page that evening. I called at 8:05 a.m. on September 19 and was told that the owner rarely comes in; I was asked what I was calling about so I told the person answering the phone a bit of why I was calling. She said I needed to talk to their “office manager” who, because the owner did not often come in, had the authority to make all decisions; I left my name and number and asked the name of the “office manager”, she said “her name is Susie”.

Within 15 minutes I received a call back, but when I answered a male voice said “this is Nathan with Community Builders”, I replied “oh, I was expecting a call from the office manager Susie” he said in an authoritative manner “I’m the Vice President of the company. So, I humbly went into my story and told him I was asking for mercy, asking that they return my brother’s money since they were not the company he thought he was doing business with. He then responded with attitude and told me in no uncertain terms that they “could not return the money and that they had a signed contract”. When I told him they had only obtained that contract by deception he told me “we do build Four Seasons Sunrooms”, when I responded that they were being deceitful by using a term that is the proper name of a business he said a lot of companies build Four Seasons Sunrooms.

I told him I had already contacted the OK Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau for complaint forms and had contacted our local TV stations “In Your Corner” he proceeded to tell me what these agencies would do and that I could contact anyone I wanted but that he has a signed contract and no one would do anything about my complaints. When I then asked him his last name he refused to tell me, even though I had given him both my first and last names and when I reminded him of that he finally said “I’m the owner’s son” to which I replied “oh, okay then you’re Nathan Wolters” and the he said “yes”. Today I spoke with the owner of the OKC Metro Four Seasons Sunrooms franchise, a very nice man who has owned this franchise for over thirty years. He agreed that the use of Four Seasons Sunrooms is deceiving and that he would contact his parent company to notify them of this.

He said the parent company Four Seasons Solar Products did at one time sell products to other companies but he thought they had discontinued that practice because of this very type of situation. At any rate no one should be using the name Four Seasons Sunrooms but his business. I strongly feel that Community Builders, Inc. took advantage of the fact that my brother is an 81 year old senior citizen.

In fact when I was talking to this Nathan Wolters he kept insisting that he did not have to talk with me because I did not have the contract and he asked me several times to have my brother call him. Instead my brother wrote a letter authorizing me and his son, who lives in Galveston, to represent him in all contact with Community Builders, Inc. we mailed that certified letter yesterday. My brother’s son and I are communicating in regard to this issue but although he is willing to make a trip here for now he agrees for me to handle this.

I am filing those complaints with the AG’s office and the BBB but I want to spread this share this with anyone who may be thinking doing business with Community Builders, Inc. at 8220 E. Skelly Dr.

Tulsa, OK 74129-3412. I am also sending this information to all 3 TV news stations in OKC and al 3 TV news stations in Tulsa.

Reason of review: Misrepresented themselves .

Monetary Loss: $5350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Wish we could do something to teach them a lesion. They have ripped a bunch of people off.

They did a terrible job on our house about 5 years ago or so.

I have wanted to do a class action lawsuit but no one has come forward to maybe help me. Hope they refund your money.

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